2022 |  Laboratory of Wood Technology (UGent-Woodlab), Department of Environment, Ghent University

Tree-Ring Reports on Forest Dieback

2022 | 3 months | Panel on Planetary Thinking, JLU Gießen 

Tree survivability and mortality at the dry edge in Germany

2020 | w/o funding

Imprints of volcanic degassing in tree rings

2020 | 12 months | Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative: Terrestrial Magmatic Systems (TeMaS) 

Warfare dendrochronology

 2018 | w/o funding

Environmental information in black pine tree rings from Corsica, France 

2017 | w/o funding

Climate signals in tree-ring maximum late wood density from the 'Sierras de Cazorla', Spain 

2016 | 12 months | Internal University Research Funding, JGU Mainz 

Dendrochronological studies on the response of sycamore to climatic changes in the Northern Limestone Alps 

2013 | 8 months | Bavarian State Forestry Administration 

Mountain forest growth response to climate change in the Northern Limestone Alps

Sustainable Management of Forest Sites in the Limestone Alps - SicAlp 

2010 | 36 months | European Regional Development Fund, INTERREG Bayern-Österreich 2007 - 2013