"Paläoklimaforschung - Der Blick in die Vergangenheit"
LCOY 23 -  Junge Klimakonferenz Deutschland | 6th Oct | Munich, Germany

"Unsere Wälder im Wandel"
Klima- und Umwelttage Darmstadt | 26th–27th Aug | Darmstadt, Germany


"Tree-ring stable isotopes report on German forest dieback"
TRACE conference | 24th–27th May | Erlangen, Germany


"Wald in Not - Klimageschichte, Klimawandel und Auswirkungen der aktuellen Entwicklungen auf unsere Wälder" – Invited
JGU Mainz | 27th Oct | Mainz, Germany

"Climate, ecology & trees – Tree-rings as environmental archive" – Invited
HENGSTBERGER SYMPOSIUM: Beyond Palaeoclimate Ping Pong: Improving estimates of past climate variability by consistent data-model comparison | 05th-07th July | Heidelberg, Germany

“Stories from tree-rings”  – Invited (link to the recorded presentation)
Wolfson College Science Society, University of Cambridge | 30th April | Cambridge, UK (remotely) 


Presentation for Lectureship – Invited
University of Cambridge | 11th May | Cambridge, UK (remotely)


“Imprints of volcanic degassing in tree rings”
TeMaS 1st Workshop | 20th-21st Nov | Bad Kreuznach, Germany

“Towards a robust millennium-length temperature reconstruction from tree rings in the European Alps”
AK Klima | 25th –27th Oct | Jesteburg, Germany

“Tree rings & Volcanos”
TeMaS Kickoff meeting | 27th June | Mainz, Germany

 “Warfare dendrochronology – Trees as witnesses of the Tirpitz attacks”
TRACE conference | 7th–11th May | San Leucio - Caserta, Italy


“Warfare dendrochronology – Trees as witnesses of the Tirpitz attacks”
EGU General Assembly | 8th–13th Apr | Vienna, Austria


“Temperature covariance in tree-ring reconstructions and model simulations over the past Millennium”
AK Klima | 27th–29th Oct | Rauischholzhausen, Germany  

“Mountain forest growth response to climate change in the Northern Limestone Alps”
DKG 2017 | 30th Sept–5th Oct | Tübingen, Germany           

“Exploring tree age-related trends in d13C and d18O data from North Scandinavia over the last millennium”
EGU General Assembly | 23rd–28th Apr | Vienna, Austria


“Millennial-scale temperature coherence in proxy reconstructions and climate models”
TRACE conference | 12th–14th May | Białowieża, Poland


“How is drought affecting forest growth and how can stable isotopes contribute to answer this question?” – Invited
InterDrought SummerSchool | 7th–10th June | Mikulov, Czech Republic

“On the importance of forest composition for regular larch budmoth outbreaks”
TRACE conference | 20th–23rd May | Sevilla, Spain

“Uniform climate sensitivity in tree-ring stable isotopes across species and  sites in a mid-latitude temperate forest” – Invited
Birmensdorfer Tree-Ring Lectures, WSL | 29th Jan | Birmensdorf, Switzerland


 “Climate signals in stable isotopes from temperate forests: Species and site effects”
TRACE conference | 6th–10th May | Aviemore, United Kingdom


“Bergwälder im Klimawandel – Lebende Archive: Die Jahrbücher von mehr als 1000 Bäumen dendroökologisch aufbereitet”
“FowiTa” conference | 19th–22nd Sept | Freising, Germany

“Long-term growth pattern of Norway spruce in the Northern Limestone Alps”
TRACE conference | 9th–12th May | Potsdam, Germany